City Trees
Greeting Cards

These A2-sized greeting cards feature a beautiful holographic foil tree and iconic City Trees artwork by Jessica Tang. Each card is blank on the inside and ships with a kraft brown envelope.

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Famishius Fantasticus

Famishius Fantasticus is intended to be a wild concert-closer, a “That’s not all, folks!” encore, an existential cat-and-mouse (or coyote-and-roadrunner) chase, and is dedicated to all my friends and colleagues who vehemently go after their dreams, who never give up, and who continue to try new things no matter how many crazy ideas might blow up in their faces.

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“honestly just about every piece i played in middle school was garbage but this was the one exception”

Alex G

The Cave You Fear for Wind Ensemble

“They’re making me reaudition on the mallet part for All State, R.I.P. hands.”


Dreamland for Wind Ensemble

“City Trees will probably be stuck in my head for the rest of eternity and I am perfectly okay with that.”

Rachel M.

City Trees for Wind Ensemble

“One of the only few songs where it’s OK for you to squeak on saxophone”

Jayson S.

The Cave You Fear for Wind Ensemble

“This song literally gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it”

no I refuse

Saturn Returns for Wind Ensemble

“This is the spiciest bass clarinet piece ever”


Tarantula for Bass Clarinet

“My friend played this piece as a flute and she said this piece was evil.”

Indigo S.

Joyride for Wind Ensemble

“I bought this for my band director and slapped it on his desk.”

Katie C.

City Trees for Wind Ensemble

“how the frick do i flutter tongue when i can’t roll my r’s”

Alex G.

The Cave You Fear for Wind Ensemble


Jonathan W.

Famishius Fantasticus for Wind Ensemble

“I loveeee this piece! No words can describe how much I enjoyed playing this my 8th grade year. I wish I could rewind time”

Leeah A.

Shine for Wind Ensemble

“This makes me feel like everything is okay”

Victoria K.

Saturn Returns for Wind Ensemble

“‘Merry Christmas! It’s demons!’ – my band director”

Aspiring F.

Shadow Rituals for Wind Ensemble

“BRO OUR BASS DRUM PLAYER PLAYED AS LOUD AS HE COULD FOR THIS SONG 😭 it slapped so hard but the judges hated it”

Eren C.

The Cave You Fear for Wind Ensemble