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“…a musical “toast”—a “cheers” to a continued journey and to a long, healthy life…”

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Performed by the Brooklyn Wind Symphony
Conductor Jeff W. Ball

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Program Note

By Michael Markowski

So many of us spend our entire lives working tirelessly at what we love to do, striving to become experts in our field, passionately in search of something to be remembered for, something we can change the world with, something that gives us purpose.

It’s a bold idea—the thought that a small part of us might, in some way, live forever—but it seems that the bold idea, itself, has had an inexhaustible life of its own. Across the span of history, folklore has given mankind a way to find this meaning, be it through a quest for the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth, or even the legendary sword Excalibur. The mythology behind Elixir is a brother to these legends, probably most associated with Elixir Vitae, or as it’s better known, the Elixir of Life—a special potion with magical properties said to extend a person’s life indefinitely, allowing him or her to become immortal, to be forever young. By drinking the potion, man is enabled to overcome his inherent limitations and achieve the greatness that he has always longed for.

Elixir is dedicated to Scott Coulson, a man who has passionately devoted his life to others through music. Above all, the piece is a musical “toast”—a “cheers” to a continued journey and to a long, healthy life not only to Mr. Coulson, but also to the students at Poteet High School, whose amazing journeys are just beginning.

Notable Performances

Video Score

Premiere Performance by Poteet High School Pirate Band
Scott Coulson, conductor

Mikhail Glinka Academy of Music (Dnipro, Ukraine)
Igor Gruzin, conductor

Westchester Symphonic Winds
Brian Worsdale, guest conductor

Commissioned By

Commissioned by the Dr. Ralph H. Poteet High School Pirate Band in honor of Scott Coulson and his dedication, diligence, and 24 years of service creating “A Performance of Pride” as Poteet’s first Director of Bands.


Elixir premiered on May 22, 2012 at Dr. Ralph H. Poteet High School (Mesquite, Texas) performed by the Honors Band conducted by Scott Coulson.

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Markowski Creative (ASCAP)


Flute 1 & 2
Bassoon 1 & 2
B-flat Clarinet 1-4
B-flat Bass Clarinet 1 & 2
B-flat Contrabass Clarinet
Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone 1 & 2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

B-flat Trumpet 1-4
Horn 1-4
Trombone 1-3
Bass Trombone
String Bass

Percussion 1: Crotales
Percussion 2: Marimba, Suspended Cymbal
Percussion 3: Shakers (“one shots” preferred)
Percussion 4: Conga (extra players may double or triple this part)
Percussion 5: Triangle, Timbales, Cowbell
Percussion 6: Surdo, Suspended Trash Cymbal


No known errata.

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Wind Ensemble