Consortium Opportunity
New Grade 3 for Concert Band

  • Grade 3 piece!
  • Your name in the score!
  • Your school/organization’s name in the score!
  • Digital PDF parts + score!
  • Paper parts + score shipped to you!
  • So excite!
  • Much band!

Tell me more!

What’s going on here?

I’m going to write a brand new piece for concert band, a “grade 3-ish” piece akin to The Cave You Fear, Brooklyn Air, or Drawing Mars.

Can anybody join?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t conduct a band, you can always surprise someone who does by joining in their name.

How much is it?

Whether your budget is limited or infinite, there’s a price point for everyone.

    • LEVEL 1 ($400) 
    • LEVEL 2 ($250)
    • LEVEL 3 ($100)

Why the three levels? What’s in it for me?

This isn’t a Kickstarter campaign, so we don’t have to overthink things. Simply pay what you are able to. In the spirit of equity, each level will receive the same thing:

    1. You and your ensemble’s name printed in the score.
    2. A digital/PDF version of the score and parts.
    3. A paper version of the score and parts mailed to you.

Awesome! When do I get it???

Once the piece is finished, you will be notified via email where to download your PDF performance materials. This will likely be by December 2023 — or sooner!

Can you tell me anything else about the piece?

Nope! I won’t even know until it’s finished.

Who gets to premiere the piece?


How long do I have to join?

The deadline to join is October 1, 2023, or until all spots are spoken for. All payments must be received by October 1, 2023.

Can I join using a school purchase order?

Yes, but all payments must be received by October 1, 2023. Please contact me to arrange this.