Thirst (2016)
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At this time, performance materials for this piece are only available as downloadable PDF files.

Difficulty: hard | Duration: ca. 9:00 | Publisher: Markowski Creative (ASCAP)
Instrumentation: B-flat Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano

Sample Score & Recordings
Performed by Eric Abramovitz (clarinet), Walter Park (violin), Caitlyn Chenault (cello), and Matthew Umphreys (piano)
Program Note
THIRST (noun):
a strong desire for something.

i. UNQUENCHABLE (adjective):
not able to satisfy (one's thirst/a desire).

ii. BOILING POINTS (noun):
the point at which anger or excitement breaks out into violent expression.
Commissioned By
Commissioned on behalf of Vandoren by DANSR Incorporated for the Vandoren Emerging Artist Prize Winner 2017