Saturn Returns (2014)
Saturn Returns
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Difficulty: hard | Duration: ca. 8:00 | Publisher: Markowski Creative (ASCAP)

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Program Note

The planet Saturn takes approximately 29 years to orbit the Sun. When we grow up and enter our mid-to-late twenties, Saturn "returns" to the same position in the sky as it was when we were born. This is often a time of great reflection, filled with intense self-questioning about our careers, our relationships, and our very sanity. The significance here is that the completion of Saturn's first orbit often symbolizes maturity as a person enters the next phase of his or her life—a "coming-of-age" from childhood to adulthood.

Commissioned By

The Susan E. Wagner High School Symphonic Band; Paul Corn, director.


The most accurate version of the score and parts is dated August 27, 2014. Please correct the following errata:


  • Contrabass Clarinet: mm. 232-235, please raise this passage up an octave (unless you have a fancy instrument with a low 'C' extension!)